I work on cruise ships which travel the world. As I work in the casino industry while onboard each ship, this allows me the freedom to enjoy most ports as the casino is closed while we are in port.

Photography became part of my life about fourteen years ago and my passion for it has never waivered, I have enjoyed the transition to digital which has allowed me the opportunity to work on my photo’s from the initial shot to the final product.

I love what I do and wish to share with you some of the striking images I see almost everyday.

In starting this website my thought was to become self sufficient and then making this passion my vocation as well as something I love.

I started the blog as I wanted a way to express where I go and what I get to see each week and to also find a way to get people interested in who I am personally. I will try my best to keep up a schedule where I write regularly but please give me some leniency as I may be at sea when I should be writing my blogs. I also hope to be able to help those that are stumbling on the rocks of life with their own photography.

loving what I do and wishing to share how I achieve my style, is something I will be going into in future blogs.

The web allows me to share what I have learned through many painstaking hours and many mistakes, finding out the right way to set up for certain shots, I take lots of pictures and spend many hours in Adobe light-room. Often finding my own way to see things and then to frame them so that others can also see them and it is this knowledge that I feel compelled to share with the people who also love this world and what it holds.

As always I look forward to your inquirys and comments.

Fly High, Fly Free.


Please note: Copying the use of any photographic or written material without prior consent is prohibited under copyright laws. For permission to use any written material or photographs where the copyright is mine, please send me an email. the best way to contact me at this time is through my website cruisenomad.com

3 comments on “About

  1. G’Day Chris! Your photos are gr8 mate! Some of mine are pretty good too!!! LOL
    Hope you’re well and either ready for, or on your next adventure!!! Let me know when you get back to Oz! Julie

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